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Washroom Wisdom

Hey friends!

Since the vast majority of you haven’t met me in real life, you likely don’t know how full-on crazy and nerdy I am for professional development. In fact, I am well aware that I am that person at work whom people either love or hate, and I fully understand why people hate me. I embrace it, because I am an over-the-top ray of sunshine who yells “good morning!” down the halls to everyone at 7:00am on Mondays.

Anyway, I love going to professional development and conferences whenever I can because learning about exciting things I can utilize in my classroom or at school is the best thing EVER! I recognize that not everyone else likes this or has the time/ability to do it. So I like to hit people over the head with all the super fun things I’ve learned where they can’t escape me: the washroom. Yes, I harass all my co-workers with all the things I love, even when they sneak out of the staff room for a quick pee before they’re trapped for hours at a time, straining their poor bladders.


This year I made some “washroom wisdom” signs for the bathroom stalls and stuck some plastic sheet protectors underneath. Every couple of weeks I stick a new, colourful piece of “wisdom” in for all the teachers to read (no one can escape learning when I’m in the building)!


I make some of these “pieces of wisdom” as I like to call them myself, but most I get online and print out. I’ve found that Busy Teacher and Empowering ELLs have awesome ones that I use the majority of the time.

Do you do crazy things like this at your school? Let me know!


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