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15 Education Podcasts All Teachers Should Be Listening To

I don’t know about you guys, but I am obsessed with podcasts. I used to spend my time listening to Cardi B and Old Dominion and Shakra, but now I’m onto podcasts.

I feel like I am much more productive listening to them while I’m running or on my commute as opposed to music. I personally listen to a wide variety of podcasts, and some of my favourite are ones about education and teaching. They are often very motivational to listen to on the way to work and they give me great ideas for my classroom! It’s like free PD!

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite educational podcasts:


Teaching to the Top is a great listen for really great ideas that are immediately use-able in the classroom. I always feel motivated after listening!


Hack Learning has super quick episodes with ideas for how to improve teaching and classroom practices.


Truth for Teachers Podcast releases episodes that are about 15 minutes long and provide great ideas and motivation for teachers.


Teaching With Inquiry is specifically about (you guessed it) inquiry based learning. It has some great ideas for not only how to implement inquiry into the classroom but also why it’s so important.


Free Teacher PD is from Simple K-12 and provides snippets of their webinars for teachers on the go. These are quick and provide great ideas.


The House of #EdTech Podcast provides great ideas for using educational technology in the classroom and making it purposeful.


10 Minute Teacher Podcast has super quick (ten minutes or less) ideas for teachers to become better edcuators.


Teaching Middle School ELA has tons of great ideas for lessons, classroom management, and so on, specifically for (yup!) middle school language arts.


The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast has a ton of great insights, resources, and ideas for teaching. It’s a must listen for passionate teachers.


Teachonomy Talks is full of inspiration and motivation for teachers to get you started for the day.


#EdChat Radio asks interesting questions about education and teaching which are sure to keep you thinking and inspire you to grow as an educator.


The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast has a ton of really great, creative ideas for teaching (specifically for teaching English language arts). It’s sure to inspire you to try something new!


Leader of Learning focuses on leadership in education and provides great motivation for both teachers and school leaders.


The Creative Classroom shares great inspiration, ideas, and strategies for teachers so that they can be the best they can be in the classroom.


Podcast PD has great resources and ideas to strengthen your skills as an educator.


Do you have any favourite teaching podcasts I didn’t list here? Let me know what you love, I’d love to give it a listen!




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