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Super Fun Handwashing Signs

Hey friends!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve still been coming into my school to work. Wandering through the empty halls can be really lonely and weird, but I’ve decided to use this time to decorate things like bulletin boards, cleaning/organizig things I never get around to, and doing my best to make this a welcoming and fun building for the students for when they return.


One thing that I decided to do was make some hand washing signs that would be fun and silly, my reasoning being that I hope the silliness will inspire more kids to wash their hands.

I decided to keep them very simple, just black and white to keep with the idea of “clean”. I made 17 different signs and laminated them to hang up in the student and staff washrooms. Periodically througout the school year, I can rotate them out for new ones to keep kids on their toes! WHAT FUN!


If you’d like to download these signs, click here to see them on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Let me know how you like them and share pictures of them in your own schools!


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