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Washroom Wisdom

Hey friends! Since the vast majority of you haven't met me in real life, you likely don't know how full-on crazy and nerdy I am for professional development. In fact, I am well aware that I am that person at work whom people either love or hate, and I fully understand why people hate me.… Continue reading Washroom Wisdom


45+ Productive Things for Teachers to Do During “Down Time”

I know, I know, there's never down time when you're a teacher! But hear me out, guys;  I'm posting this during the COVID-19 pandemic and my district has instructed us to not overwhelm kids with too much work. Not only does not everyone have access to technology, many students are already afraid and anxious, looking… Continue reading 45+ Productive Things for Teachers to Do During “Down Time”

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Mini Office

A few months ago, a co-worker of mine stumbled upon a Mini Office made by Kristen Vibas on Teachers Pay Teachers (my Heaven!). She forwarded it to me because she thought my students could benefit from it, and I am hugely grateful that she did! The office itself was created for English Language Learners, but… Continue reading Mini Office

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The Value of Word Walls

Word walls were something that confounded me upon entering the realm of elementary school teachers; what was the big deal and why did every teacher have one? So I did some research and put up a, quite frankly, mediocre wall at best. It was a large sheet of paper on which we  could add words… Continue reading The Value of Word Walls