High School

Margaret Atwood in the Classroom

I have been struggling with ways in which to teach Margaret Atwood in the high school classroom without resulting in a slew of teenagers running wild-eyed out of the classroom, razors in hand, ready to end their lives on account of reading such depressing literature (or what my mom like to call "slit-your-wrist-books"). Personally, I… Continue reading Margaret Atwood in the Classroom

Curriculum, High School

Ten Films to Use as Primary Texts

Teachers tend to show films simply to accompany primary texts in the classroom. In English we'll show To Kill a Mockingbird as we read the novel, in Social Studies we show films like Passchendaele to accompany our lecture on the historic event. In Chemistry we'll show those amazing James Bond knock-off films to teach chemical… Continue reading Ten Films to Use as Primary Texts