First Freebie Friday: April 3, 2020

Hi everyone!

I want to introduce a new idea to you all: First Freebie Friday. On the first Friday of each month I’m going to post a free resource on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for everyone!

I hope this will be a good way to share with everyone and give out some ideas for some fun activities or lessons for your classrooms.


For this very first FFF, I have a Stamp Activity for you to try out. This is a super simple, but fun activity for kids to share their knowledge in an artistic way. I’ve used it in a bunch of different ways; for kids to show you what they know about a specific place they’re studying, to represent a character, to come up with a stamp for a made-up place in a story, and so on!

I hope you enjoy using this as much as I do! To download this resource, click here.


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