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Make Your Own Dinosaur!

I like to try my hardest to combine Art with what we're learning about in other subjects. It can sometimes be challenging, and other times not so much. Either way, the kids love making art, so integrating it with other subjects can really help them to remember certain important points. This time around was one… Continue reading Make Your Own Dinosaur!

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Let’s Pretend It’s Spring

I am not a winter person. Every winter I forget just how cold and dark it is and how much I wait for (and countdown to) Spring. So today I'm going to post about a Spring craft I did last year with my kids to try to brighten my own mood, and maybe someone else's… Continue reading Let’s Pretend It’s Spring

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Tissue Paper Leaves

It's September, so here in Calgary it's already Fall and we've got about eight days until it's Winter. Time to work on the Autumn themed crafts before they seem horribly misplaced with three feet of snow right outside. Hey, it's also the beginning of the school year for the majority of teachers and students, so… Continue reading Tissue Paper Leaves


We’re Always Bzzzy Working!

Now that Spring is (finally) here, it's that time of the year for new bulletin boards and Spring crafts! I decided I'd put up a nice bumble bee board up outside my classroom on account of the facts that: 1. Bumblebees are cute. 2. Bumblebees are relatively simple crafts to make. It was easy to… Continue reading We’re Always Bzzzy Working!

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Grade 4 Art Class: Mittens!

The Winter makes me want to curl up in a blanket and eat stew and weep all day long. I am not a fan. However, I am a grown woman with a job and responsibilities, so instead of being a useless ball of sadness, I have my grade 4s make winter-themed crafts and it cheers me… Continue reading Grade 4 Art Class: Mittens!