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KIAT Book Club: The Differentiated Classroom Ch. 9

Hello friends! I’ve just finished reading chapter nine in Carol Ann Tomlinson’s The Differentiated Classroom (we’re getting closer and closer to the end).

This chapter is titled How Do Teachers Make it All Work and delves further into the classroom management and organization side of differentiation.

The chapter discusses how to get started with differentiation and gives some great pointers. Starting small and ensuring that activities are well planned, organized, and students are given clear instructions is the best bet.

Something else which I also really liked was the section talking about reflecting. I believe that reflection is a very important part of teaching and of improving, and Tomlinson provides some great pointers for what to reflect on and what to change or alter as a result of those reflections.

Also extremely helpful was the discussion about how important directions are. Kids need to know what they are supposed to be doing and it can be especially tricky to ensure they’re all on task when they’re all doing different things.

As a Type-A person, I value staying organized and always knowing what’s going on in my classroom and what stages students are at. I appreciated this chapter for giving me some pointers and tips for how to stay on top of everything.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon, for anyone interested. One more chapter left! Keep on reading!


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