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Things Every P.E. Teacher Needs From Amazon

Okay, so I’m hooked on Amazon, what can I say? I love how quickly things get to me and how much selection there is.

I also find that I get great teaching ideas from just browsing around and seeing different products.

Clearly I’m they’re ideal customer – they don’t even have to try to upsell with me.

Here are some of my favourite items to use during gym class. Side note: they’re also great for games in class and can often be used to play academic games.

These basic and colourful pylons are a must for so many games. You can use them to set up boundaries, for tossing rings, and so on. I even use them in my classroom for academic games and sorting student into groups named after colours.

I like these cones because they’re so lightweight and easy to set up. They’re much simpler to handle than full-size pylons (like above), so smaller students can help you set up more easily.

Maybe I’m a bit of a lunatic, but I don’t feel like a real gym teacher if I’m not wearing an Adidas tracksuit with a coordinating whistle. I like buying a pack of whistles because I always seem to be misplacing them.

If you’re not the only teacher leading gym class, if you have a bunch of coaches, and so on. This electronic whistle is a must. You can share it without sharing spit.

I always like to have a few different mesh ball bags which kids can easily carry. This just makes pulling balls out to play outside or in a different area of the school or gym so much easier.

Every P.E. class needs about a zillion of these pickleballs. They’re lightweight and great for tons of games and skill building activities.

A bowling set is a ton of fun to play inside or outside. It’s great for fun Fridays, building skills around aim, and for end of the year sports/activity days.

Resistance bands are great for things like circuit training or daily warm ups. I use them for both coaching and teaching class.

You’re always going to need an inflator as the gym teacher. Even when you’re not teaching P.E., kids will come out of the woodwork at all hours to fill up balls for recess, free time, and so on.

These exercise cards are great for circuit training or a warm up with students. Breaking them into groups of two or three and ahving them rotate is an easy and fun way to keep them moving and learning new ways to move.

Skipping ropes are a must for all gym classes. They’re an easy and fun way to get students moving and playing with one another.

Agility ladders aren’t just great for circuit training and warm ups – they’re also great for a ton of different games you can play with your kids.

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