Book Club

KIAT Book Club: Neurodiversity in the Classroom Ch. 7

The final chapter in Neurodiversity in the Classroom pulls the whole book together by discussing “The Strength-Based School” in which all students are fully integrated and fully involved.

The school used as an example throughout is the William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School, which sounds like a truly amazing school. Students with any sort of disability are integrated with “regular” students and allowed to shine.

Students are always expected to do their best, no matter their disability.

Indeed, there isn’t too much more to say pertaining to this chapter; its a very nice summary of the book as a whole and allows readers to think about putting everything into action.

Also nice is a comprehensive “Neurodiversity Strengths Checklist”, which would be fun to do with students in any school.

I hope you enjoyed reading Neurodiversity in the Classroom as much as I did, our next book will be The Truth About Testing.


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