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KIAT Book Club: The Differentiated Classroom Ch. 7

Hi everyone! I’ve been reading The Differentiated Classroom by Carol Ann Tomlinson and I just finished chapter seven. The chapter is titled Instructional Strategies That Support Differentiation and, you guessed it, it’s all about various instructional strategies teachers can use in their classrooms.

I really liked this chapter as it discusses different types of instruction, most of which I have never used or even heard of before.

While many of the strategies would not be effective in my own classroom, there are many I know I could alter to suit my needs or else use in future classrooms I may have.

Tomlinson discusses using stations, agendas, complex instruction, and orbital studies and provides examples of teachers using all of the strategies in their own classrooms.

I really liked the idea of stations (different from centres) as well as agendas, though I would have to alter both to suit my own needs and classroom.

I highly recommend this book in general, but I have particularly liked this and the previous chapter for giving ideas and inspiration for my own planning.

If you’d like to purchase the book, here’s a link to in on Amazon. I’m excited to see what chapter eight holds! Stay tuned!


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