Book Club

KIAT Book Club: Classrooms That Work Chapters 8-10

I decided to lump chapters eight through ten together because they all illustrate how a typical day would run utilizing the strategies discussed in the book. Chapter eight focuses on a kindergarten classroom, chapter nine on a primary classroom, and chapter ten on an intermediate classroom.


Instead of simply focusing on one of these chapters, I enjoyed reading and pulling out useful information from all of them. Because my students are all very diverse in their needs and skill levels, I found these to be helpful ideas in all three chapters. For example, most of them read at a kindergarten or lower level, but they have the maturity of children much older, so some kindergarten tips are useful when targeting their needs, but not when they are too “immature” to be appropriate; there’s little children hate more than being treated “like little kids”.


I also appreciated reading how the timeline in a classroom utilizing these tips looks. Obviously, these have to be adjusted for different classrooms, but they’re still a good read for pulling ideas from and getting an idea about how other people have implemented them into their own classrooms. One chapter left! If you’re interested in purchasing the book, here’s the link to it on Amazon.


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