Sight Words Popcorn

I spent my weekend working! Yay! It was not as terrible as it sounds because I got to make fun games for my class!

I decided to make my own version of the classic sight words POP popcorn game. I printed out popcorn kernels on card stock, coloured on some shading to make them look more realistic, and then wrote all the Dolch Sight Words from pre-primer to third grade.

I cut all the kernels out (which was the most tedious part of the whole task) and am planning to laminate them to make them last longer.

I was also lucky enough to find a cardboard version of the classic popcorn bags at the dollar store! I’m going to reinforce the back and the insides of the “bags” with packing tape to toughen them up before they come face-to-face with the hands of over-excited children.

If you’re interested in my sight words popcorn game and don’t want to make you’re own, you can find it on my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. Or you can buy the real thing here. Or you can make your own! Happy teaching!


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