Imagination Questions

I stumbled across these amazing cards one day when an education assistant found them in our school library. I can’t stop singing their praises because I can see them being great for pretty much all age groups.


One of my centres for English Language Arts is writing, in which I give the kids a prompt and have them write and/or draw pictures, depending on their abilities. My prompts were simple questions like “What are some of your favourite sports?” which I would write on the board. These worked well, especially at the beginning of the year when most of my kids needed very simplistic questions they could easily answer. However, as we progressed through the year, they became a bit boring and simply had me assessing how well students could answer basic questions and their time management skills. It didn’t let me assess creativity or critical thinking in any way.


These Imagination Cards have great prompts that allow kids to be creative and to really think about how they could answer the various questions. Further, you could definitely use them for elementary, junior high, and even high school and simply alter how you assess the final product.


Obviously, I am obsessed with these cards! I’m on the hunt for similar products. If you want to buy these, here’s the link to Amazon.


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