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KIAT Book Club: The Resilience Revolution Ch. 5

Hello again! We’re on chapter five now and talking about helping youths recognize their own power. This chapter reminded me of a Professional Development session I attended a couple months ago which discussed disciplining kids. In order for any type of discipline to be effective, it has to be meaningful and the kids have to take responsibility for their actions.

This chapter delves into how to help troubled students discover their own power and take responsibility for their lives and their actions.

In the classroom reading selfie!
In the classroom reading selfie!

When kids feel like they have power, and can make change, and that their lives are meaningful, that’s when they will want to make changes to better themselves and their world.

This is a challenging this to do and I feel like the book handles it too simplistically. It sets out clear and “common-sense” tips, but then includes snippets of created dialogue between teens and adults that are simply unrealistic.

I agree with what the book is attempting to say overall in this chapter, but think that more practical examples would have been beneficial.

On a positive note, the book addresses how many positive and correct things youths do every day that are ignored, which we need to recognize and appreciate, especially if we expect them to listen to any criticism we may have. No one wants to feel as if they are being inundated about their flaws constantly when in fact we are simply not acknowledging their many accomplishments.

Last chapter is coming up in two weeks! Then on to a new book! If you want to buy this book, here’s the link to Amazon.


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